Moulding the Man that Makes the Ministry

Come be part of the move of God in this end time by being part of the Young Ministers Teaching School where God is raising a great army.

What is YMTS?

What is YMTS?

The Young Ministers’ Teaching School (YMTS), is an interdenominational arm of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries a.k.a Rhema Chapel International Churches.



Rev. George Olawale Adegboye is an Apostle of the New Testament, with a commission to “Take the Word to the nations of the World, emphasizing its integrity. He teaches the word extensively in his traveling ministries with prophetic insight. He is the President of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries, also known as Rhema Chapel International Churches, with many branches in Nigeria.

YMTS Vision


  • To make sound and up-to-date biblical eaching concerning the work of the ministry available.
  • Create a conducive atmosphere for the nurturing and development of Charisma and Character.
  • Give opportunities to young ministers to train and minister along the areas of their callings.
  • Help those who have not discovered God's call upon their lives discover such calls and answer to it.
  • Finally, turning every member into fire brands ready and thoroughly equipped to help build the kingdom of God.
YMTS Mission


At YMTS we believe success is not a product of the environment but of the man that makes the success. Therefore our mission is: “Molding the man that makes the Ministry With special emphasis on Excellence in Life and Ministry"

YMTS Departments

ymts prophetic and teaching

Prophetic & Teaching Department

This department is dedicated to training students to Minister the Word. Its main thrust is to equip the young minister to deliver the word not just homiletically(as a sermon) but also by the inspiration of the Spirit.

The department is committed to unveiling to the students the nature, manners and vital ingredients of the ministry of the New Testament Prophet, that of a Teacher and how to discern heresy.

ymts pastoral care

Pastoral Care Department

Jesus taught His followers that he that desire to be great must become like a servant. God makes servants and it is the servants that lead. Leadership is serving.

The emphasis of the curriculum of this department is to teach practical ways of serving in the Ministry of helps, assorted supportive congregational ministries and the Pastoral office.

ymts world harvest

World Harvest Department

One certain rewarding effort to every believer is that of winning souls. While all believers are expected to seek and save those who are lost, there are some who are called more definitely and directly to this task.

Teaching and training in this department are geared towards exposing and equipping students to adequate information, contemporary methods, skills and Biblical creative ways of soul winning in the 21st Century.

ymts travailers department

Travailers Department

Although many Christians claim to pray, unfortunately, only few indeed have clear cut results to show for their effort along this direction. Few people pray and yet fewer people understand what prayer is about.

Answers to prayer are not accidental but a product of asking aright. More than anything else, there is an urgent necessity to be taught to pray effectually. The school of prayer is one for all because of the necessity of prayer to our welfare and our work.

ymts music department

Music Department

God desire is that we worship Him in spirit and in truth. An element of central value to local church events, Christian gathering and sweet communion with God is Music.

This department over the years has excelled in helping several student in the area of voice training, song writing, worship leading and training of instrumentalist to serve the body of Christ at all levels.

ymts information department

Information Department

This Gospel of the Kingdom must first be published in all the Nations as a witness and then the end shall come. The word of the Lord need publishing and putting on every available outreach media means.

The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. This is where students are trained to evolve and deploy creative effective long reaching means for disseminating God’s word.

Weekly Activities

teaching sessions

Teaching School

The Young Ministers' Teaching School holds every wednesday, from 5pm to 7:30pm.
departmental meeting

Departmental Meeting

All Departments (except the Music department) hold their meetings on saturdays from 12 noon to 2pm.
music department

Music Department

The Music Department hold their meetings on Tuesdays from 5pm to 7:30pm & Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm.

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